National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention 2012

LIVE AUCTION DOLL   (SOLD for $ 5.100)

by Artist Creations

Alessandro Gatti & Giuseppe De Bellis -  ITALY


R  O  M  E

From the creativity  of the Italian  OOAK artist team “Artist Creations” ,by Alessandro Gatti & Giuseppe De Bellis, born this special OOAK  doll, created in exclusive for the 2012 National Barbie Doll Collector Convention “Live Auction”.

This doll comes from the  personal touch of creativity and love for the dolls, of these two young set decoration and costumes designers, for the,  modern and vintage image of these precious outfits, at the same time, full of grace and beauty.

This project represents the essence of this consolidate artists team and take the inspiration from the city where they live “ROME” inspired to the past with  one modern image of one timeless beauty


The dress, make in pearl gray taffetà fabric, pure  white silk satin and tulle fabric, is composed of a  sophisticate evening gown hand embroidered with 1800 original tiny Swarovski cristals, white sequence and silver beads.

The articulated model make the image even more precious and remind to  the one of the most beautiful place in the world, the Eternal City , white and pure.

Hairstyle and total facial makeover, hand made with high quality acrylic colours,  by Artist Creations.

Complete: a soft stole in tulle fabric, one pair of long  gloves,  necklace, earrings and bracelet in tiny silver cristals, stockings, and matching shoes

Doll size:  12”


“Artist Creations” by

Alessandro Gatti & Giuseppe De Bellis

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Not Available for sale

Copyright 2003 Artistcreations

Each Artist Creations'doll is completed with: box, stand, certificate of autenthicity in parchment paper and original dress design.

For more informations about this OOAK doll, the shipping cost, the shipping method, and the payment method, please contact us at our e-mail adress:


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