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The italian OOAK dolls artist team "Artist Creations" by Alessandro Gatti & Giuseppe De Bellis is proud to introduce you the amazing .."MaDiva" created in exclusive for the IDC 2013 Ebay Charity Auction.

This project represents the essence of this consolidate artists team and take the inspiration from they  historical creations of the past . From the past  until a modern image of one timeless beauty.

The dress, make in balck velvet and shokking pink fabric is composed of  two parts, the articulated skirt divided in two trains completely hand  embroidered with original Swarovski elements in three different sizes, and the corset so precious and sparkle too.

All these elements, included the articulated hat,  makes the image even more precious and remind to one of the most famous image of the show biz, precious and sparkle at the same time.

Hairstyle and  accessories are all hand made by Artist Creations, like the  total facial makeover, hand paint with high quality water base acrylic colours.
Complete: one long glove, parure of, earrings and bracelets in silver metal and  tiny cristals, net  stockings, and matching shoes.

Doll size:  12”

The auction included: Original logated box with trasparent window on front, Certificate of autenticity hand signed by the artists, Color sketch of the dress, Doll stand.



Alessandro Gatti & Giuseppe De Bellis of “Artist Creations” from Rome (Italy) are two set decoration and costume designers, brains and muscles of the consolidated and multi awarded team specialized in Italian OOAK dolls, now one of their unmistakable trademark. The  "Artist Creations" team  utilize their background as set decoration and costume designers for theatre, cinema and television.
One of the strong points of our career like OOAK dolls designers are the “Celebrity portarit dolls” expecially the Madonna dolls.“The guys of Madonna dolls”!! is the new way used on the web, mailing lists, groups and fans community all around the world, to describe us the “Artist Creations” OOAK dolls team from Italy, now creators of unique ooak dolls dedicated to Madonna, the Queen of Pop.
A lot are the international and italian movie and music stars to have dedicate portarit doll by Alessandro & Giuseppe like Madonna, Julia Roberts, Sophia Loren and much more.
One of our last great “goal” will be a collaboration with Mattel America for the world presentation of the new line of Barbie doll “Basic Top Model” showed on Mattel official website and at the 2010 Toy Fair in N.Y. We’ve create four shooting thinking about our “must” by Artist Creation the italian O.O.A.K. dolls history desingers.
Each single mood rappresent the style of our “trade mark”, during 20 years of our creations and graet success all over the world. Every single shooting of each look style cantanis the most important elements that give the character of our cretions making the unmistakable and recognizable in front of the international collectors community: “Artist Creations” by Alessandro Gatti & Giuseppe De Bellis.


Copyright 2003 Artistcreations

Each Artist Creations'doll is completed with: box, stand, certificate of autenthicity in parchment paper and original dress design.

For more informations about this OOAK doll, the shipping cost, the shipping method, and the payment method, please contact us at our e-mail adress:


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