Madonna in Luis Vuitton at MET Gala

Costume Istitute Gala to the Metropolitan Museum of Art's

New York, May 5, 2009







Madonna in Luis Vuitton at MET Gala

(Costume Istitute Gala to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s)

New York, May 5, 2009


After the L.Vuitton publicity campaign for the new 2009 Spring-Summer  line of fashions  and accessories by Marc Jacobs, Madonna comes back on the scene in occasion of the .MET Gala at  the  Costume Istitute in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.s (New York May 5 2009), once again in a spectacular Louis Vuitton glamour gown.  From the French luxury fashion house  Madonna wore a funny dress,that has been  completely recreated in doll size  by Artist Creations in  petrol green  and torquoise silk, completely hand embroidered with tiny ribbons on the corset and on the short tutu  skirt.

The close-fitting black leather boots are adorned with long silver metal zippers, silver stones on the heel and black tassel on top.

Hairstyle and total facial makeover, with high quality acrylic colours,  by Artist Creations.  A funny head-dress in the shape of  bunny ears complete the outfit, designed by L.Vuitton for the catwalk debut in March,  at the 2009 Fall/Winter show, Louvre Museum, Paris.   

Such a celebrated fashion guru has said about this dress:

“This is a great era for glamorous eccentricity" and “The ultraconventional glamour-gown look"

Doll size:  12.



SOLD - Venduta

Copyright 2003 Artistcreations

Each Artist Creations'doll is completed with: box, stand, certificate of autenthicity in parchment paper and original dress design.

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