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         OFFICIAL PRESENTATION DOLL AT THE MADONNATRIBE.COM                Official Release Party Rome Apr.2 2008

From the creativity of the pluri award international OOAK artists team Alessandro Gatti & Giuseppe De Bellis  by “Artist Creations” from Italy,  (1st prize in the Barbie Bazaar Makeover Artist Award 2006, Best of Show in the Fashion Doll Makeovers Contest 2003, 1st prize in the Paris Fashion Dolls Festival 2006)  born  this fabulous reconstruction of the famous original Madonna’s outfit , used for the cover of her new album “Hard Candy” 2008 .

The new look of the “DIVA” is hand made in black silk, black lycra and black leather fabric, and  is composed of two pieces: the corset, hand embroidered with black threads, and the culottes, in black lycra.

The waistband is a tiny reconstruction ,in doll size, of one real wresling waistband with the new Madonna’s logos: sparcle “M” in the center, “Give It To Me” on top and “Mdolla” low. 

Hairstyle and total facial makeover, hand made with higth quality acrylic colours are made by Artist Creations.

Complete with golden ear-rings, gloves, short net stockings, the long jacket with long sleeves and insert of white ecological coat, and matching leather boots like the real costume.

Doll size:  12”





Copyright 2003 Artistcreations

Each Artist Creations'doll is completed with: box, stand, certificate of autenthicity in parchment paper and original dress design.

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