Sofia Loren in Arabesque 



This creation is the original reconstruction, in every minute details, of  another one great dress, created in the 60’s for the Italian actress Sophia Loren in the so celebrate movie “Arabesque. The model, created in black silk satin fabric, black tulle fabric and swan feathers, present a very elegant long evening gown, with one short cloack adorned with soft swan feathers and one pin in original Swarovski crystals.

The precious jewels, hand made by Artist Creations in original Swarovski crystals, frames the full facial makeover and the elaborate hairstyle. Complete: lingerie with collant, culotte and matching shoes.

Doll: Integrity Toys Collection

Special thanks to: Mrs. Sofia Loren, Mina Fabbri.

USD: Sold – EURO: Sold

Copyright 2003 Artistcreations

Each Artist Creations'doll is completed with: box, stand, certificate of autenthicity in parchment paper and original dress design.

For more informations about this OOAK doll, the shipping cost, the shipping method, and the payment method, please contact us at our e-mail adress:


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