Artist Creations

Italian O.O.A.K. Fashion Dolls

by Alessandro Gatti e Giuseppe De Bellis



Who we are


We are Alessandro Gatti & Giuseppe De Bellis from Rome (Italy) ,two young set decoration and costume designers, brains and muscles of the consolidated "Artist Creations" team, specialized in Italian OOAK dolls that is by now our unmistakable trademark. Born out of an hobby "Artist Creations" has allowed us to utilize our backgrounds in scene design, Theatre and cinema costume design, after graduating from the Academy of Special Arts, and Fashion and Costume School and after specializing in various professional courses concerning our field. This magnificent hobby conciliates nicely with our professions in the word of show business, in the movie town of Federico Fellini, Rome, the celebrated location of many great American movies, from Ben Hur to Cleopatra, made up of important contacts and renowned collaborations that inspire and characterize our style. All of that has given wind to our creativity, which characterizes our work, self expression, inner souls and our passion for life.

We started creating dolls in 1996 after a kind proposal by one of the most important toy shops in Rome, specialized in fashion dolls collections, dolls house and collectable toys. We prepared ,for this shop a very special shop-window, during 1996 Christmas Holidays, with 20 of our creations that were sold in a week.

For the following tree years we had a permanent shop-window in this shop with our exclusive creations, and in 1999 we participated to our first Italian Convention in Florance. In this precious place we showed, for the first time, our creations to the Italian collectors audience.

We learned sewing from our mothers and in the Fashion and Costume School. About the rest, in these years we made a lot of experience in the word of fashion dolls and, step by step, we have learned how to make a repaint, hairstyle and reroot.

We take our inspiration from theatrical costumes, film costumes and from the world of fashion, that we re-interpret in scale down to fashion doll size. Every creation reflects a complete project for our doll,that is the actress, and it is our job that brings all of the details together and makes it perfect for the role she is trying to recreate. Our models range from fantastical to glamorous, from romantic to couture, and celebrity, our strong point for quite some time, each one particular and exclusive.  Each creation, worn by these exceptional models is completely hand-crafted and studied in every minute detail, just like a true high-fashion costume.

Every creation is a unique piece (OOAK) and born only after being meticulously planned and researched through numerous project designs. The choice of fabrics and the creation of jewellery and accessories are all realized in quality and prestige, let alone the hairstyles, which are hand created, elaborate and always in perfect harmony with the image.Nothing is over-looked, not even the most hidden details: all of our dolls, in fact, wear sophisticated lingerie, perfectly reconstructed in every detail. These particulars infuse our personal touch into every work.

We are dolls collectors and we started colletting in 1994,before creating dolls. The favourite doll in our collection is Barbie, modern and vintage,because we are big fans of Barbie doll and we use her like an ideal base, for most of our creations.

She is a wonderful model, to us, with her perfect size, like a real Human Beauty Queen.At the same time, we have tried to use other fashion dolls of a  different size (Tyler, Gene, Fashion Royalty doll) and we are so proud of the results.

Every day this passion gives us much joy and satisfaction, not only in Italy but in the rest of Europe (Paris ,Brussels) and in the USA (Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles) because our creations have been officially recognized at these international convention, and publicized in the ambient on specialized magazines. Besides, we are so proud of our long list of awards won at the most important artist competitions around the world ,that give us a strong impulse to go on with this wonderful hobby:

3rd prize with:  "Fabulous Millenniun Night" Dolls Collectors Club Convention 1999 Calenzano  Fi. (Italy)

2nd prize at the Convention,and 2nd prize in the Internet Contest with: "Butterfly Heart" 1st Fashion Dolls Collectors Convention  2000 Bologna (Italy)

2nd prize with: "Madreporal Bride" Paris Fashion Doll Festival Contest 2001 Paris (France)

2nd prize with: "Moulin Rouge" 2nd Fashion Dolls Collectors Convention 2001 Bologna (Italy)

3rd prize with: "Water Glow"Barbie Bazaar Makeover Artist Award Contest 2002

2nd prize and special prize of the quality giury with: "Carioca"3rd Fashion Dolls Collectors Convention 2002 Bologna (Italy)

1st prize with: "Pink Glamour" 1st Fashion Doll Makeover Contest  2003 Dallas (USA)

3rd prize with: "Jester Lady"1st Fashion Doll Makeover Contest 2003 Dallas (USA)

2nd prize with "Micol" Paris Fashion Doll Festival Contest 2003 Paris (France)

3rd prize with: " Gemelle Kessler" 4rd Fashion Doll Collectors Convention 2003 Bologna (Italy)

1st prize with: " Asterix & Cleopatra" Italian Dolls Collectors Club Convention 2003 Calenzano Fi. (Italy)

1st prize with: "Green Glamour" Barbie Bazaar Makeover Artist Award Contest 2003

2nd prize with: "Scent of Africa" Barbie Bazaar Makeover Artist Award Contest 2003

3rd prize with: "Winter Wonderland" 2nd Fashion Doll Makeover Contest 2004 Dallas (USA)

1st prize with: "Sabrina" 1st Rimini Fashion Doll Convention 2004 Rimini(Italy)

1st prize with: "Queen Amidala" Italian Dolls Collectors Club Convention 2004 Calenzano Fi. (Italy)

2nd and 2nd prize with: "Queen Amidala" and "Nicole" Barbie Bazaar Makeover Artist Award (USA 2005)

1st and 2nd prize with: "Old Las Vegas" and "Soul of Theatre" 3rd Fashion Doll Makeover Contest" 2005 Las Vegas (USA).

Special prize of the quality giury with:  "Gelsomina" 2nd Rimini Fashion Dolls Convention" 2005 Rimini  (Italy)

1st prize with: "Nicole Kidman (CHANEL N. 5)" Paris Fashion Dolls Festival Contest 2006 Paris (France)

1st prize with: "Escada Way" Barbie Bazaar Magazine Makeover Artist Award 2006

3rd prize with "Marilyn Monroe" 3rd Rimini-Cesena Fashion Dolls Conventions 2006

After the big success of our donated Auction Dolls "Carnival in Venice" for the Boston Convention (Sold for $ 2400), and  "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood"for the Los Angeles Convention (Sold for $ 2400).

Will be a real dream ,as doll artists, to take part to our 4rd American Convention,the National Barbie Collectors Convention, in Dallas, (USA) next June 23/27 2007, because in this wonderful place we can show all of our new creations to our affectionate American audience.

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